If you have severe anxiety about periodontal and implant surgery,  nitrous oxide, oral   sedation, and/or IV sedation is a great option. We understand that people delay dental treatment due to excessive fear and anxiety. In some case patients avoid treatment all together even though treatment is very much needed and/or wanted. We understand that these dental fears are real and addressing those concerns is just as important as your periodontal care.

What is Sedation?
Sedation involves the use of drugs to lessen the pain or awareness associated with potentially painful dental procedures. Sedation includes oral medications such as Halcion, nitrous oxide and IV sedation. All sedation methods are combined with a local anesthetic to minimize pain.

When is sedation used?
Sedation is used for the benefit of the patient and can be administered for most procedures. When a particular procedure is known to likely result in pain Dr. Heaton will recommend the best medication for you. If you are anxious or fearful of the  procedures Dr. Heaton will work with you to provide the best level of comfort.

What is involved in Sedation?
Exact procedures will depend on the sedation method. If Halcion is involved, this medication will be taken 1 hour prior to the dental procedure and right before the procedure. Oral local anesthetics will also be used to further eliminate pain. Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, can also be administered to induce a state of relaxation. Full sedation, I.V. procedures are only done under the direction of a licensed anesthesiologist.

Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, makes the patient feel more relaxed, similar to the feeling felt after drinking a glass of wine.  The gas is administered with a comfortable mask placed over the patients nose. After the procedure is complete the patient is given pure oxygen to breathe which completely reverses the effects of the nitrous oxide. Unlike oral sedation and I.V. sedation the patient is able to drive themselves home and does not require an escort.

Oral Sedation

The patient is prescribed an oral sedative, commonly Halcion, that will be taken about an hour before your appointment and then again at the start of your appointment . During your procedure, you will be conscious but very relaxed and drowsy. It will be necessary for you to arrange transportation to and from the dentistís office because the drugís effects take a while to wear off.