Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Definition to Patient:  Oral Health Periodontal Maintenance Therapy becomes the "steady state" for the patient, with all treatment channeled into achieving a healthy periodontal status that can be effectively maintained. Periodontal Maintenance Therapy becomes the most critical aspect of dental treatment. Recognition of its place in the therapeutic spectrum is long overdue and needs to be highly stressed to the patients.

Clinical Information for Patient:
A typical Oral Health Periodontal Maintenance Therapy visit may include:, A periodontal examination , an evaluation of your oral hygiene, a review of the proper techniques for brushing, flossing or other methods of cleaning. Cleaning and polishing of your teeth, including the removal of plaque, calculus (tartar) and stains, X-rays  and treatment of tooth sensitivity.

If your teeth are very sensitive, you may need a dental anesthetic before cleanings. The anesthetic may be applied to the area or injected.

Outcome Assessment: It's the goal of our team to keep your gums and teeth healthy. That's why, along with your regularly scheduled dental checkups, you are also scheduled for regular Oral Health Periodontal Maintenance Therapy.  Together, hygienist and Dr. Heaton form a team with you and your good home oral care to keep your gums healthy and your teeth strong. The frequency of your visits for Oral Health Periodontal Maintenance Therapy will be determined by Dr. Heaton based upon your periodontal condition. According to your own individual needs, your Periodontal Maintenance Therapy visits may be scheduled from every few weeks to every six months.