Glossary of Terms

The following are a few of the most commonly used terms when referring to periodontal disease:

Abscess Abutment Aggressive Periodontitis AlloDerm Arestin Biopsy Bone Graft Calculus Cementum Chronic Periodontitis Comprehensive Evaluation Crown Lengthening Debridement Dental Plaque Distal/Proximal Wedge Emdogain Extraction Frenectomy Full Mouth X-Ray Gingival Flap Gingivectomy Gingivitis Graft Implants Locator Necrotizing Periodontal Diseases Osseointegration Osseous Surgery Panoramic Films Periapical View Periodontal Ligament Periodontal Maintenance Therapy Periodontal Pocket Periodontics Periodontist Periodontitis Periodontium Root Amputation Root Scaling and Planing Sinus Lift Torus Mandibularis Vertical Bitewings Vestibuloplasty